Excel Trade is committed to provide the most advanced water treatment, wastewater treatment & process system technologies. With the support of our esteemed Principals SUEZ Water (now has also acquired GE Water & Process Technologies), we are ready to provide customized solutions for the toughest industrial water and process challenges.

We excel at providing water treatment chemicals for your:We offer tailored chemical treatment solutions that prevent:We endeavor to add value to customer’s assets by: 
  •       Boiler
  •       Cooling tower
  •       RO machines
  •       Processes
  •       Membranes
  •       Corrosion
  •       Bacterial deposition
  •       Fouling
  •       Scaling
  •       Stress cracking
  •       Improving performance
  •       Reducing operating costs
  •       Extending equipment life
  •       Improving product quality
  •       Meet environmental regulations
  •       Be prepared for changing demands through new technologies
Our engineers are in close contact with customers to provide customized solutions for water treatment. We help industries solve their water, wastewater and process challenges. We work with customers across all industries, including food & beverage, metals and mining, power, chemicals & pharma, oil & gas downstream and petrochemicals, upstream oil & gas, pulp and paper, and utilities.

Chemical Programs / Equipment & Systems